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Drury Southwest Family Of Companies

We are a family-owned business focused on development and operation of real estate, restaurants, and convenience stores primarily in the Cape Girardeau and San Antonio markets but also in many cities across the country. Nationally, we also develop and construct hotels in several states. Founded on the principles of strong work ethic and an honest approach to growth, we strive to provide our customers with expertise, quality, and service and a top-notch product.

Drury Southwest Real Estate

Drury Southwest constructs, leases and manages commercial and residential real estate, primarily in Cape Girardeau, MO and San Antonio, TX. From design and construction to building management, Drury Southwest is here to serve you. We understand that satisfied tenants are the key to our success and our business is built on repeat tenants and lease renewals. Browse our current property listings and contact us for more information.

Deerfield Lodge

Celebrate your special event at Deerfield Lodge. Our private setting offers beautiful views and a vivid, spacious event room with plentiful parking.

family owned. family grown.

The Drury brothers’ rise from their humble beginnings on their family farm in Kelso, MO, to their success in real estate and hotel development did not happen by chance. Instead it can be traced to learning from their hardworking father, Lambert, through their work on the farm and in their ornamental and plastering business.

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