Business Spotlight: 1st Class Travel

1st Class Travel makes vacation planning easy and affordable through their expertise, experience, and care for their customers.

Most people love to travel, especially during these summer months.  A downside to vacationing, however, is the planning it requires.  But what if we told you there’s a group of experienced professionals willing to help organize every aspect of your trip, without costing you any extra money?  At 1st Class Travel, you can find exactly that!

1st Class Travel is a full-service travel agency located at 3443 William St. in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  This locally-owned business specializes in fundraising group travel and tours, and are also honeymoon and destination wedding specialists.  They can truly plan everything, ranging from detailed itineraries for travel around the world, to hotels in St. Louis for a quick weekend getaway.  With over 55 years of travel experience in their office, the travel consultants know how to make your vacation a special time to remember.

Meet the Owner

Shari Elfrink founded 1st Class Travel in 1996 and still runs the business today.  She is a southeast Missouri native and has many travel experiences under her belt, from Alaska to Italy to the beach.  Shari said,

“I love having the privilege of being a small part of the best experiences and memory making our travelers engage in every day.  I love it especially when we work with clients who don’t think they will be able to afford their dream vacations and they realize its going to happen!  Seeing amazing pictures and hearing about customers’ trips is incredibly special to us.”

All about the Location

1st Class Travel has been it its current location for 18 years, and the high-traffic area brings many customers every day.  The property is managed by Drury Southwest, and Shari is very appreciative of the DSW team.  She said,  “They are very responsive to any issues which may come up, and are always friendly and easy to work with at any time.”

Affordable and Personal Travel Experiences

Many people believe that using a travel agency makes vacationing more expensive.  Shari wants everyone to know that its not the case!  She stated,

“We find so many people who believe using 1st Class Travel to book their vacations will make the trip more expensive.  It does not cost customers any more money to book their cruise or tour with us than it does to do it directly through the vendors themselves.  However, when you call us you’re talking to local neighbors who will be able to sit down with you and answer any questions you have about your trip.  We can also give you suggestions based on our expertise.  We’re also available 24/7 before and during your travels in case you have any problems like flight cancellations, illness, or emergencies.”

Are you ready to travel to a place you’ve had on your bucket list for years?  Give 1st Class Travel a call and see how they can turn your dream vacation into a reality!  These talented consultants are willing to work with you and help you have an amazing trip.  They are open Monday-Friday, 9-5, and Saturday 9-1.  Happy travels from Drury Southwest!

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