Business Spotlight: Natural Health Organic Foods

Natural Health Organic Foods offers healthier lifestyles and top-notch customer service to Cape Girardeau as the area’s only natural food store.

For over 20 years, Natural Health Organic Foods has been serving the community by carrying the largest selection of natural foods and supplements in the Southeast Missouri area.  Located in West Park Village at 135 S Broadview St., this locally-owned grocery store is expanding their product selection every week.  The goal: To bring the best options to their customers.  The employees are knowledgeable on the products they carry and are willing to share their expertise with each person who walks through the door.

Meet the owners:

Cape Girardeau residents Mike and Becky Brown are the people behind this business.  The Brown’s founded Natural Health Organic Foods in 1996 when they noticed a lack of organic groceries in the area.  Becky said,

“My husband had some health issues, and he made a really good turnaround by changing his diet.  He was kind of a health nut.  When we got together I got interested in it, and I figured we couldn’t be the only people in Cape running up to St. Louis for our groceries.  We thought opening this store would be a good business opportunity.”

Location is key:

Since the opening 23 years ago, Natural Health Organic Foods has remained in the same location.  They have been renting the property, managed by Drury Southwest, since the beginning and plan on staying there.  When asked about her experience with Drury Southwest, Becky said,

“I don’t think we could ask for any better landlords.  We get people all the time that are wanting us to look at their property or move locations, but we always say no.  We have no complaints with [Drury Southwest], and whenever we have issues, they have somebody over to fix it right away.  I see no reason to leave.”

Putting the customer first:

Natural Health Organic Foods may be Cape’s only natural food store, but that alone is not what makes the establishment unique.  This independent store has only eight employees, allowing them to go above and beyond in customer service.  Becky stated, “We do extensive training with our staff as far as product knowledge goes.  They work with a lot of the different vendors to learn about the benefits of products we carry.”  This vast knowledge results in a helpful and welcoming environment that draws customers back to the shop each week.

Final remarks:

There are not a lot of independent grocery stores left in today’s world.  Despite this, Natural Health Organic Foods remains a strong local business in Cape that strives for excellence.  No matter whether you are a seasoned chef or just interested in a healthier lifestyle, check out Natural Health Organic Foods and see what they have to offer!  The highly-trained staff are there to answer all your questions and help you find products you will love.

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Becky Brown, one of the owners of Natural Health Organic Foods, stands next to a display of supplements.