Business Spotlight: PMac Music

PMac Music, Cape’s only record store, has offered the same quality and service since 1996.


Located in West Park Village at 2500 William St. lies PMac Music, a record store to satisfy any music-lover’s needs.  The store carries thousands of CD’s, vinyl, and DVDs in all genres of music, so they are guaranteed to have something for everyone.  And if they don’t have that special song you’re looking for in stock, they can special order it for you.

The person behind this business is John Stringham.  John, a 30-year Cape Girardeau resident, has been with the company for thirteen years.  While the  store was previously founded and owned by Paul MacDougall in 1996, hence the name PMac, John became the owner of PMac Music three-and-a-half years ago.  When asked what has made him stay over the years, he said,

“I enjoy what I do, and I’m actually pretty good at it.  I like a good challenge when it comes to tracking down that odd song.  Customers will call who are looking for a song, then I’ll search to see if I have it.  If not, I’ll try to find a way to order it for them.”

Throughout the changes in ownership over the years, PMac Music has remained in the same location since its’ founding 23 years ago.  The property, managed by Drury Southwest, is rented out to businesses like John’s.  He said, “Working with Drury Southwest over the years has been hassle-free.  They keep it pretty easy for me.”

PMac Music has stayed in the same location since the beginning, but that is not the only thing that has remained as a constant.  The store still offers the same product: music media.  Despite the recent uprisings of online music platforms, customers still rely on PMac Music for the “real thing.”  John said,

“Part of it is the vinyl.  You can’t get that if you download.  There are a lot of people out there who want the real thing.  When they want to show off their record collection, they don’t want to hold up an iPod.  The physical media is still important to a lot of people.”

All in all, PMac Music is a successful business unlike anything else in Cape Girardeau.  They’ve remained consistent with their products over the years, and that is ultimately what keeps drawing customers back.  Whether you’re a vintage record collector or prefer modern pop, this independent record store has something waiting for you inside their walls.  The store is open Monday-Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM.  So pop on over to West Park Village today and pick up some new tunes at PMac Music!


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John Stringham, owner of PMac Music, displays a record inside his store.