Business Spotlight: Renaissance Beauty Academy

Business Spotlight: Renaissance Beauty Academy

This week’s spotlight is on Renaissance Beauty Academy.  Located in Lorimont Place in Cape Girardeau, RBA is a cosmetology school that provides students with hands-on learning that differs from the typical college education.  Rather than spending years in classrooms, RBA is a cosmetology school that allows students to graduate in as little as 11 months, armed with real-world experiences in the beauty industry.

They offer cosmetology and esthetics programs, as well as an instructor training program for students who want to attain their educator’s license.  In addition, the salon offers all the taught services to the public. The community’s involvement and willingness to come helps the students become salon-ready through their experiences with many different hair and skin types.

The person behind this local business is Heather Thompson.  Heather, who has lived in the southeast Missouri area her entire life, has spent 17 years in the cosmetology industry.  She started Renaissance Beauty Academy five years ago, and still runs the school today.  She believes her business builds meaningful careers, as she said,

“There is truly money to be made and lifestyles to be created in doing what you love. We are a career school.  We want to teach people how to make money in doing what they love.”

Renaissance Beauty Academy has been in Cape Girardeau since its founding, and Heather sees the benefits of being in a college town.  The town’s college students give the RBA students lots of opportunities to practice new trends in the beauty industry.  The property is managed by Drury Southwest, and Heather’s experiences with the company have been positive.

“Working with DSW has been great.  They’ve addressed any issues I’ve had, as well as listened to different ideas I’ve had for the space.  The team has been great about maintenance and have kept the place nice.  You can tell they really value the way their property looks, and they do a great job.”

In addition to providing students with a quality education, RBA has a lot to offer to the public.  They provide a majority of salon services, and there is also a boutique area for customers to purchase clothing and beauty products.  It is a small, local business, and they genuinely appreciate any local support.

Heather noted that her favorite part about her job is watching her students succeed.  She loves seeing their placements in a salon, their posts on social media, and the student’s success in their careers.  It is the ultimate reward to see their educations come full circle, and it would not be possible without the support of the local community.  Are you in need of a haircut, manicure, facial, or maybe a new outfit?  Check out Renaissance Beauty Academy!  You can help the students progress in their education, and they’re ready to provide you with any service you’re looking for.

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