Department Spotlight - Job Costing Department

Job costing is accounting which tracks the costs and revenues by specific “jobs” and enables standardized reporting of profitability by job. That is a lot to keep track of as this company continues to grow!

The Job Costing Department is located in the Cape Girardeau Corporate office.  It has grown from working on two new construction projects and one renovation project at a time, to currently working on six new construction projects, multiple renovations, building re-images, and various hotel maintenance/capital expenditure jobs, and property maintenance build-outs/repairs, etc.

This department consists of Patricia Jaco, 15 years with DSW, as Job Cost Accountant, Angie Kutak, 5 years with DSW, also as Job Cost Accountant among multiple other roles, and Stacy Winschel, 25 years with DSW, as Job Cost Manager. A big accomplishment this year was bringing Angie to the job costing team to help the ever increasing work load. A fun fact about this group is that all three of them started their DSW careers at the Cape D-Mart, each starting exactly 10 years apart.

At the office, their days and weeks are filled with a multitude of invoices, contracts, insurance certificates, credit card statements, and receipts.  They also have to manage the reports and tend to other departments’ various needs as they come up. This includes working with the legal team and accounting department to get information needed on loans, historic tax credits, and audit information.  The picture above shows the amount of payment vouchers sent through in just one week.  And then they get to start all over again next week!

Job Costing can be very challenging with the strict timelines and deadlines.  The rewarding part is knowing that by working together as a team they are able to get everything accomplished correctly!  A pretty cool thing about job costing, between all the diversity of jobs, extras, and all the credit card statements, is that they are able to work with almost every different department of DSW. So chances are, you have worked with one of these three or you may in the future!

People listed in the Picture

Patricia Jaco, Angie Kutak, Stacy Winschel